How To Solve Any Jumbled Word?

Daily Jumble Game

I’ve been playing the Jumble game for the past 4 years in a row now and while there have been cases where occasionally I couldn’t find a specific word (mostly the two worded jumbles) I take pride into the ability of solving 90% of the Daily Jumbled Words. Hopefully after finishing reading this tutorial you will be able to sharpen your eye and skills in order to find any of the word jumbles in the least possible time given.

How To Solve Any Jumble Word?

The first tip I would give to anyone reading this is to locate as quickly as possible letters which usually appear together. A good example are consonants such as “ch”, “ph” or even “sh“. There are some cases where they might include vowel consonant such as “qu”.

Identify the possible prefixes and suffixes

This is very helpful as well because the English dictionary includes many common prefixes such as the following ones:

English Common Prefixes:

a-, acro-, allo-, an-, ante-, anti-, auto-, bi- , co-, contra-, counter-, de-, di- , dis-, down-, dys-, epi-, extra-, hemi-, hexa-, hyper-,  hypo-, ig-, il-, im-, in-,infra-,inter-,intra-,ir-,macro-,mal-,maxi-,meso-,micro-,mid-,mini-,mono-,multi-,non-,octo-,over-,pan-,para-,penta-,per-,peri-,poly-,post-,pre-,pro-,proto-,pseudo-,quadri-,quasi-,re-,self-,semi-,sub-,super-,supra-,tetra-,trans-,tri-,ultra-,un-,under-,up-,xeno-

English Common Suffixes:

s, en, ed, ing, er, est, ation, sion, cian, ess, ness, al, ary, ment, able, ly, ful, ize, ate, ology, able, ible,hood, ism

Most English words and syllables consist of a vowel with consonants on one or both sides. For example all 5 letter words consist a minimum of 1 vowel. The same goes for all the words that have at least 2 syllables.

Lets see how quickly you can unscramble the letters HMERY . If you already found the answer, congratulations to you, otherwise try again harder. The solution is RHYME and as you might know the word rhyme has 1 syllable.

Are you ready to test your knowledge now? If yes try to play the Daily Jumble Game and if you are stuck do not worry at all because I am posting all the daily jumble answers here!

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